Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to my World,

To introduce myself I am Steven Devine. I am from the 15th state of the United States (Kentucky) and that is where I have been for a vast majority of my life.  My main hobbies include science, the weather, interacting with nature, and just enjoying the company of my family and friends.  I have one Master’s degree in the Geosciences (Geology concentration) from Western Kentucky University and I am working on another degree in Education (Middle Grades Science).  By the 2019-2020 school year, I am planning on teaching middle schoolers about the wonderful world of science.

I am currently working on a blog series called “Highlighted Community” where I take a community that I have either visited, want to visit, or know a lot about and highlight it.  I give a brief summary about its history, the weather and climate of the community, its geology, and some of the sites and important attractions that particular community contains.  Most of the highlighted communities will take place in the Southern and Lower Midwestern parts of the USA, but a few will cover areas as far away as Europe and the Pacific Northwest.

I hope you enjoy my blog